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  2018/09/06    High Power Surface Mount Transient Suppressor 5.0SMHJ10A thru 5.0SMHJ43A

The 5.0SMHJ10A thru 5.0SMHJ43A is a series of high power, surface mount TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) packaged in the space saving SMC outline. The devices have a very high peak power capability of 5000W (10/1000μs waveform) and a very low reverse idle current that maximizes overall energy efficiency. The 5.0SMHJ series has a broad range of working voltages and a very tight clamping ratio (VC/VWM) which makes possible very fast and precise protection.  The combination of broad working voltage (VWM) range and high peak power capability makes this series of TVS ideal for automotive, industrial, telecom and avionics applications.



 Broad working voltage range of 10 to 43V

 High peak power rating of 5000W (10/1000μs waveform)

 Very tight clamping ratio (VC/VWM) < 1.7

 Very low idle current of 2μA maximum (VWM 3 16V), TA=25oC

 High operating junction temperature capability of 185oC



 Avionics DC power bus

 Automotive DC power bus and load dump

 Secondary lightning protection in telecom systems

 Inductive loads in industrial applications


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