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  2018/12/12    Flip Chip Schottky Rectifier SFC3005A

The SFC3005A is a Flip Chip Schottky diode packaged in the low profile, space efficient WLCSP outline. Despite the very small package size, the SFC3005A will conduct a full 500mA of forward current continuously.  In addition, the SFC3005A has very low total (forward and reverse) conduction losses and extremely low switching losses.  The WLCSP package is extremely thermally efficient and the package geometry minimizes parasitic effects, such as inductance, when operating at higher frequencies.  The combination of energy efficient operation and WLCSP packaging benefits make the SFC3005A the ideal solution for portable and hand-held electronic systems.


 High continuous forward current rating of 500mA (TC=25oC)

 Small footprint and low-profile package (1mm x 0.6mm x 0.28mm)

 Low junction capacitance of 11pF typical (VR=5V)

 Low idle current of 3μA typical (30V, TA=25oC) enhances energy efficiency

 Low forward voltage of 0.73V typical (IF=500mA, TA=25oC)

 Terminations solderable using all common reflow processes



 Polarity protection

 Voltage clamping

 Steering diode

 Power management circuits

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