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  2018/12/12    Dual Schottky Rectifiers RB13

The RB13 is a pair of independent Schottky rectifiers packaged in the space efficient SOT-353 outline.  The RB13 rectifiers each have a high forward current rating of 1A and an ultra-low forward voltage drop for energy efficiency.  The independent rectifier configuration facilitates design flexibility and makes possible a host of external connections for reverse polarity, voltage clamp and rectification applications.  The combination of extremely low conduction losses, space efficient package and independent rectifier configuration make these devices ideal for today’s energy sensitive and space constrained hand-held electronics and power management applications.


 Two independent Schottky rectifiers provide design flexibility

 Very low forward voltage (0.55V @ 1A, typical, TJ=25oC) for enhanced efficiency

 High current density of 1A (per rectifier)

 Low reverse leakage current (8μA, typical, TJ=25oC) minimizes reverse losses

 Small form factor industry standard SOT-353 package



 Solid State Lighting (SSL)

 Reverse polarity protection

 Voltage clamp

 Steering diodes


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