1200V series SiC MOSFETs

Date:July 20, 2023

S2M00**120* series is the new generation 1200V voltage platform SiC MOSFETs family released by SMC. The first Rds(on) is 25 m Ω, with two different packages TO-247-4 and TO-247-3. This series SiC MOSFETs adopts unique planar technology and is further optimized for power fast switching applications. This planar technology and negative voltage drive ensure the reliability and stability of operation, which means lower switching loss and lower EMI.


• Positive temperature characteristics, easy to parallel.

• Low on-resistance Typ. RDS(on) = 25mΩ.

• Fast switching speed and low switching losses.

• Very fast and robust intrinsic body diode.

• Comply with AECQ-101 standard.

• TJ = 175°C


• EV Fast Charging Modules

• EV On Board Chargers

• Solar Inverters

• Online UPS/Industrial UPS

• SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supplies)

• DC-DC Converters

• ESS (Energy Storage Systems)


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