SMC is selected in everything PE's top MOSFETs in 2023

Date:January 23, 2024

January 23, 2024

Plainview, NY – SMC Diode Solution’s 1200 V SiC Power MOSFET, S2M0025120K, has been selected as one of everything PE's top MOSFETs in 2023.

The demand for power MOSFETs in the automotive, energy, and consumer electronics industries has increased due to the necessity for compact and sophisticated automation solutions. The adoption of the power MOSFET market as a growing application is expected to accelerate with the advent of electric vehicles. Power MOSFETs have been one of the renewable energy sources that are replacing conventional energy sources globally. In the article, everything PE listed the top power MOSFETs that were trending on the website, including SMC’s S2M0025120K MOSFET.

The S2M0025120K from SMC Diode Solutions is a SiC Power MOSFET that has been designed for energy-sensitive, high-frequency applications in challenging environments. It has a drain-source breakdown voltage of over 1200 V, a gate threshold voltage of 2.1 V, and a drain-source on-resistance of 25 milli-ohms.

This MOSFET has a continuous drain current of up to 63 A and a power dissipation of less than 446 W. It has low switching losses and is provided with a very fast and robust intrinsic body diode that offers very low total conduction losses and stable switching characteristics with temperature. This RoHS-compliant MOSFET exhibits positive temperature characteristics and is suitable for parallel operations.

It is available in a through-hole package that measures 39.71 x 15.5 x 4.8 mm and is ideal for EV fast charging modules, EV on-board chargers, solar inverters, online UPS/industrial UPS, switch mode power supplies (SMPS), DC-DC converters, and energy storage systems (ESS) applications.

About SMC Diode Solutions:

SMC Diode Solutions is a leading manufacturer of high reliability electronic component solutions for the defense, aerospace, space, medical and other high reliability markets. SMC’s products provide rugged, lightweight, and cost-effective solutions for switching power supplies, AC-DC rectification, primary & secondary power distribution, motion control, transient voltage spike protection, and custom applications. SMC’s rigorous qualification standards from large aerospace, communication, and consumer electronics suppliers that are known worldwide for both their superior products and within the industry for their exceptionally demanding supplier qualification teams. SMC is ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 qualified.

About everything PE:

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